Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Urologists
President’s messege

Dear members and friends,

I am deeply honored to be elected as the president of APAPU. APAPU annual congress is the first pediatric urologist congress I attended in Asia. I served as the representative of China since 2004 after Dr. Chengru Huang left this position. I was so glad to work with our former presidents Dr. Chung Kwong Yeung, Dr. Saburo Tanikaze, Dr. Dante P. Dator, Dr. Jeff Pei-Yeh Chang, Dr. Hwang Choi, Dr. Sang Won Han, and Dr. Hideo Nakai for so many years and witnessed the growing of our organization. All our members are great and always doing the best to develop the pediatric urology in Asian Pacific area and make our organization stronger.
In 2016, we just had a fantastic APAPU annual congress in Zhengzhou, China. During the congress, we tried to hold an academic workshop before the formal meeting for the second time. It was an impressive change. The board members received many positive feedbacks. Therefore, we all came to an agreement to set a one-day workshop before the formal annual meeting in the future. Accordingly, the scientific and educational committee of the head quarter will give more academic support to the local organizer. I believe our members would have more chance to present their academic results and learn advanced techniques from the workshop and its well organized courses.
However, we must realize APAPU is still a young organization. The impact is relatively weak in the world. We don't have any other attractive programs except the annual congress. There is still a long way to go. In the following two years, we plan to build tight relationships between APAPU and other organizations and manufactories, so as to acquire more academic and financial support. Our board members will do our best to make APAPU more academically strong by organizing impressive workshops and annual congresses in 2017 Indonesia and in 2018 India.

Fang Chen
President of APAPU

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